Black Algae In Your Pool?

What is Black Algae 

Black Algae is a type of bacteria that can be found growing in swimming pools. If your swimming pool has black algae, you’ll want to treat it right away. These organisms love to grow in porous surfaces and are very hard to clean due to the many thick layers that grow on the outside of this bacteria. While these layers are difficult to break down and eliminate- it’s not impossible with the right tools. 

Can I swim in Black Algae? 

If you’re wondering “can I swim in black algae?”, we advise against it. While swimming in black algae itself is not considered to be harmful to you, it does invite other harmful bacterias to the pool. Black Algae is most commonly known to house harmful organisms like E. Coli. This organism is the cause of mild to severe gastrointestinal issues. You can learn more about the nasty bacteria here. We mentioned that swimming in it alone may not be harmful, however, if ingested- it can be a serious health hazard. This type of algae also attracts bugs and other bacterias that are harmful to both humans and pets. It’s best to get it taken care of. 

How do I prevent Black Algae from getting in my pool? 

The best way to treat Black ALgae, is to prevent it! Try to rinse off before entering a pool as swimmers are the most common way that this bacteria gets in. Swimsuits that have been used in other bodies of water tend to drag in some bacterias if not properly rinsed. Animals can also bring this algae to your pool so if you’re letting your pet cool off, be sure to rinse them first. 

We also recommend closing your pool properly. That means either emptying it during the winter or keeping a cover on it during the off season. This will help prevent air borne bacterias from infiltrating the water. 

How can I treat my swimming pool for Black Algae? 

To treat black algae in your pool, you’ll want to stay ahead of it. Routinely backwashing and cleaning your filters is a must. You’ll also want to treat your water in the beginning of the season to ensure proper water quality during the summer. Be sure to stay on top of your chemicals and clean your pool regularly. 

If black algae is to spread in your pool, we recommend draining the pool and cleaning it with a proper acid wash. This will ensure there are no particles remaining and prevent a second bloom of algae from spreading. 

Tips from the experts: 

Stay ahead of it by booking regular cleaning and maintenance updates. 

Be sure to clean your filter throughout the season. 

Plan ahead! Most of the time, we go to prep a pool for an upcoming party and end up having to treat the algae. This puts plans on hold because of all of the chemicals needed to treat algae breakouts. If you think you see or suspect an algae breakout, give us a call! 

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